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Exocube empowers its clients. Our Business Intelligence training and mentoring services ensure clients have the tools they need to fully leverage your investment in Business Intelligence and Analytics investments.

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Business Intelligence Training in Your Environment

How you structure your data and frame your information is important. How you stitch that data together to make business decisions is an art. Using best practices, we help you capture the “right” data so you can visualize your specific business problems.

Technology training, especially in complex area such as BI and Analytics, can be ineffective when delivered in classroom or CBT settings. That’s why Exocube brings the training to you, working with your staff in their environment.

We use your data to create a custom tailored training plan for you and your team.

We are proud partners of Tableau: easy to use software applications for fast analytics and visualizations. Products include Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server.

Tableau Desktop Training

We  provide techniques that enable you to utilize the capabilities of this powerful tool , and use the information from one or more data sources and create powerful visualizations.

Tableau Server Training

We show you how to design dashboards that make it easy to communicate your findings with your customers, your management peers and other important stakeholders. We help you define key indicators that link to your visualizations.

For example, a dashboard with links to geo mapping is a powerful tool for communicating location information.

Personalized Business Intelligence Training

In all of our assignments we work with you to understand your data in your environment through personalized training programs that you help design.

Need IT Training? No problem, our consultants can  help with a wide range of IT training needs including: server planning and installation, security and governance, and performance monitoring.


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