My School Finder Open-Data Visualization

My School Finder, from Exocube Inc., is an advanced, open-data visualization tool built on Tableau. My School Finder helps families to find and compare schools in British Columbia using open data from trusted provincial government sources. The information is provided in a convenient and efficient way making it easy for anyone to understand.

Before My School Finder, objective information on high school academic performance was difficult to find. Available information was difficult to read and hard to analyze.

Exocube tackled the problem by sourcing high quality, open-data source that supports formal analysis: The Government of British Columbia’s full data set of all public and independent schools’ provincial exam performance.

Exocube has used the BC Open Data source for provincial examinations, and developed this interactive and visually rich tool.



An almost limitless number of open-data visualizations can be generated with My School Finder:

  • Parents can select School location, by selecting one or more municipalities from an official list
  • Filters can be setup for public or independent high schools, or searches can include both types of schools
  • Specific grades can be compared: 10, 11 or 12
  • Select one or more Exam Categories, from English to Math – and everything in between

We built My School Finder to showcase how Tableau Software can provide insights into open data through visualization. With our expertise, we effectively identified needs, located the right data and prepared a visualization that is both easy to use and powerful enough to support real decision-making.

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